"As a student of Stephanie's I have been given several opportunities to see her perform at numerous music events.  She possess an alluring stage presence and demonstrates to her students that performing is an achievable goal for those wishing to challenge their live musical pursuits.  I would highly recommend Stephanie as an overall artist, as her infectious musical talents bring joy to those around her! " 

May 5th,2016

Andrea Beebe, hired Stephanie in Vocal Music Education from 2009-2015


“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Stephanie Coldwell-Anderson on several occasions, in preparation for her Master’s degree recitals at Ottawa University. Stephanie is an excellent and accomplished singer, with a pure, light, beautifully-coloured soprano voice which has much agility, range and richness. When working together, we covered an array of repertoire within the modern style and the pieces required a high level of musicianship, skill and artistry, which Stephanie proved to have in abundance. Stephanie demonstrated tremendous discipline towards tackling the many difficulties presented in the scores, as well as perseverance in internalizing all the many facets of the complex works. She conveyed an eagerness to improve, as she responded with enthusiasm to coaching and suggestions. Stephanie always displayed a respectful, pleasant manner during the rehearsals and was highly organized with scheduling, manifesting great time management. She sought to be at her highest level artistically and continually looked to enhance her interpretations. Her performances were always nothing less than stellar.” Sept. 15, 2014

Parvaneh Eshghi, B. Mus, M. Mus, B. Ed, Pianist and Music Educator, worked with Stephanie in 2007-2008.


“Up to this point I have only heard Stephanie’s singing on her (digital singles) recordings, so I found it to be quite the pleasure to listen to her live rendition of the Christmas Waltz (2013).  She has a confident stage presence with a clear and powerful, yet when needed, gentle voice.  It was so enjoyable to listen to her sing with such great feelings of warmth.  You sensed the feeling in the song.” Sept. 10th 2014 

Heather Landreville, Office Services, Roads and Works Operations, Town of Oakville


“Stephanie is both talented and professional. I worked with her as an accompanist and she was always punctual with providing materials, and took the effort to ensure there were adequate rehearsal opportunities. She performs a variety of materials ranging from classical to jazzier renditions. She works hard to ensure she is properly prepared and well rehearsed.” November 17, 2011 

Andrea Styles,  worked with Stephanie at Self Employed Soloist in 2010.